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Injection, Compression, and Transfer Molding Company Phoenix | Acme Plastic Products Co, Inc., Arizona 602-997-9944

INJECTION MOLDING of thermoplastic materials such as Acetals, Nylons, Polycarbonates, Polyesters, Polyolfins, Polystyrenics, Polyphenylene-sulfide, various Elastomers, and others according to customer requirements.

of thermosetting materials such as Phenolic, DiallylPhthalate, Alkyd, Epoxy, Silicone, Melamine, Urea, Polyester, Etc.

Prototype Work Intricate Shapes Parts with Inserts
Research and Development Precise Production of Engineering Parts Large & Small Order Quantities


INJECTION MOLDING – 6 machines ranging from 55 to 200 tons of clamp force and 4 ounces to 14 ounces in shot size, including a complete array of accessory equipment for efficient production and precise manufacture of our customer’s components and/or products.

COMPRESSION and TRANSFER MOLDING – 4 presses ranging from 17 tons to 75 tons and capable of semi-automatic or full automatic production according to the nature of the work.


COMPLETE FACILITIES – Secondary machining operations, solvent and ultrasonic assembly, flash and burr removal, operations tailored to customer's.


COMPLETE FACILITIES – Master gauge blocks and surface plates calibrated and certified traceable to the United States Bureau of Standards, computerized run and inspection records, statistical process and inspection control of parts, quality procedures meet military and aerospace requirements, inspection and part control tailored to the customer.


COMPLETE FACILITES – Molds built, reworked, and repaired in our own Tool Room to our own or customer design, complete or partial tooling (Molds), special tools and fixtures, in house EDM.

acme plastic products phoenix
From Sketch or Drawing to Finished Product 

for Custom Molders of Aerospace, Commercial, Industrial and Electronics Parts Since 1943

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